Only the most exclusive Australian homes have this TV

The C SEED Blade 165 TV is, arguably, the best television ever made. Certainly, it’s the world’s largest 4K MicroLED indoor TV.

The C SEED Blade 165 is an elite piece of technology for people who demand six-star quality. That’s why it can be found only in the most exclusive Australian homes.

Here’s why the C SEED Blade 165 delivers such an extraordinary viewing experience:

● It feels like you’re at the cinema (thanks to the enormous 165-inch screen)
● It’s perfect for large groups (165-inch screen and 160-degree viewing angle)
● The colours are remarkable (the latest UHD technology)
● The contrast is spectacular (the 4K LED display with MicroLED technology)
● The audio blows you away (six integrated high-end speakers)
● You get perfect viewing even in bright daylight (1,000 nits brightness)

The C SEED Blade 165 has an integrated 4k media server, which can be combined with almost any high-end home automation system or individual surround audio system. It also comes with a 2.4 GHz radio remote control that covers distances of up to 25m.


Unparalleled picture quality and contrast ratio

Latest MicroLED technology provides the giant Blade 165 with an unparalleled color spectrum, light years beyond the performance of standard LCD TV screens. LEDs produce a superior contrast ratio of 30,000:1 and, if needed, total black.

The brightest TV

With 1,000 nits brightness and superior contrast ratio, the screen provides a unique, cinema-like experience in absolutely all ambient light conditions. Enjoy picture-perfect entertainment even in glaring sunlight flooding your living room.

HDR and 18-bit grayscale processing

Highly saturated colors and a bottomless, deep black are benchmarks of superior picture quality and picture processing power. The Blade 165 TV use state of the art HDR processing, supported by 18-bit grayscale processing, to create a truly overwhelming viewing experience.

160° viewing angle

A 160° viewing angle without any brightness drop-offs or color shifts is exceptionally rare, even in much smaller screens. This performance places the giant Blade 165 in a whole new category.

Perfect sound - and total silence

The Blade 165 carries up to six high-end coaxial speakers in its soundbar, enough to turn even the largest living rooms into concert halls or movie theaters. In spite of all the sound power it packs, the Blade 165 is also capable of total silence, because it does not carry a cooling fan.
Enjoy the Sound of Silence on a
whole new level.

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